Sunview Park

Zip Line

Sunview Park,  the longest double zip line of Andalusia,
more than 1.350 meters at maximum speed

Release all your adrenaline!!!

Sunview Park zip line, Málaga

A 1.350 meters route at a maximum speed of 100 Km per hour, with a 10%  incline. An amazing experience in a magical place between the mountains and the sea, for nature lovers ?, thrill seekers and sporty people.

 Sunview Park’s zip line can be enjoyed in different ways!!! Slide through the air lying belly-down, or enjoy the trip sitting down.

Live the experience day or night.

Security Measures

unview Park’s zip line uses two drop cables of 20 mm and a third cable at the center for bird-guard devices that ensure minimum impact to the local fauna.

The start station is located on top of a hill with spectacular views of Málaga’s coast and the pre-coastal mountain range.

Zip Line Jump

Do you already know how you want to jump?

Superman Jump

Have you ever wanted to feel like Superman? Now is your chance!

Choose the Superman Jump in our zip line and you will be able to experience what it is like to fly over the “Llanura de la Hoya”, Málaga’s mounts and the “Vega de Guadalhorce”. You can jump alone or share this special moment with someone else thanks to our doble zip line.

Full moon Jump

If you like nights with a full moon, we give you the opportunity to live a unique experience.

You can jump on full moon nights from the Sunview Park’s zip line, this is your chance to live an unforgettable moment alone or with someone else

Salto de luna Llena

Si te gustan las noches de luna llena te damos la oportunidad de vivir una experiencia única.

Podrás realizar el salto en noches de luna llena desde la tirolina Sunview Park, una ocasión para vivir un momento inolvidable solo o acompañado.
Disfruta de las noches de luna llena con Sunview Park, Málaga.

Tandem Jump

Do you want to share an adventure with someone special?

Feel your adrenaline release together?

At Sunview Park, we have the longest double zip line of Andalusia, where you can jump accompanied and share every second of this experience.

Enjoy a day in the Zip Line

Discounts for groups

5% discount from 6 to 10 people.

Family experience

Are you an adventurous and sports lover family? Do you like doing family activities and having unique experiences?

We offer you an activity that will surprise you all, no matter how young or old.Here you can enjoy together a fantastic place between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea

Stag and Hen parties

Stag and Hen parties parties are an unforgettable moment in someone’s life, and mixing them with a jump at Sunview Park’s zip line can result in the perfect combination. Everyone in the group will be able to release adrenaline at maximum speed and prepare for such a special event.

Year-end trips

Reaching the year-end can be challenging, and looking for the best way to celebrate it can be too! Sunview Park’s zip line offers you the opportunity of living an unmatched experience with your classmates.

Adventure birthdays

Why not celebrate your birthday differently with your friends?

At Sunview Park you can celebrate your birthday in a unique way, we guarantee you and your friends will live an unforgettable experience that will stay forever in your memory.

The perfect addition to your hiking or cycling route

If you enjoy hiking or cycling, you can combine this hobby with our adventure activities.

If you are hiking or cycling in the area, do not miss this opportunity of jumping from Sunview Park’s zip line. You will get the perfect mix between mountain and sea.

A different way of visiting charming towns, like Alhaurín de la Torre

If you enjoy planning routes through Málaga’s charming villages, like Alhaurín de la Torre, and you wish to add something different, you can complement your visit with a jump from Sunview Park’s zip line.

Because there is always another way to discover and travel.

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