The zip line of Malaga

Sunview Park, the longest double zip line in Andalusia, more than 1.350 meters at top speed

Feel the adrenaline in its purest form with our zip line in Malaga! 

​ With 1,350 meters of travel at a maximum speed of 100 km/hour, and an approximate drop of 10%, this is a unique and incomparable experience.

​ Located in a magical setting between the mountains and the sea, the Sunview Park zip line is a must for lovers of nature and adventure sports in Malaga.

​ It is designed so that everyone can enjoy this experience, adapted for all ages. That is why on the Sunview Park zip line you can jump, sitting, in tandem (as a couple) or lying down.

Jump on the zip line however you want, but jump.

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Jump on the zip line with friends or the whole family

​ The departure station is located at the top of our hill, with unbeatable views of the entire coast and pre-coastal mountains of Malaga.

We have 2 launch cables and up to 4 people can jump at a time. So, don't jump alone and enjoy the jump with your friends and family.

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How is the Sunview Park experience?

Pictures worth more than a thousand words

How to organize your zip line jump with Sunview park?

It is recommended to arrive about 15 minutes in advance, and once you have your ticket, you can walk up to the launch pad.
With spectacular views of Malaga, you will enjoy one of the highest points in Malaga to take photos: in the upper viewpoint. When you are ready, you will go to get ready with the instructors, who will equip you with all the necessary accessories for the jump. You will jump equipped with a helmet, protective glasses, and the different sliding pulleys recommended by our safety experts. 

In addition, you will attend a brief talk on recommendations from the instructors, so that you can fully understand the signals that will be provided during the zip line jump. Once you have made the jump, the team at the reception platform 1.3 km away will remove all your equipment, and you will have to wait for the rest of the participants to finish to organize the return trip in a spectacular 4x4 trip in dirt road.
We recommend you to be about 15 minutes before the jump in case you have made the purchase online or by phone. The approximate total time you will need is about 40 minutes.

For the zip line jump we recommend leaving all your belongings in the car or with a companion.

Do you want to record your experience while you jump on a zip line?

​ If you want to keep a memory of your zip line experience, we have the latest generation of GoPro cameras. Thanks to this, if you wish you can take the video of your jump as a souvenir.

​ You just have to request it by clicking here within our reservation system or at reception before jumping (the price of the recording is added to the price of the zip line jump).


Technical specifications and requirements 

Weight and height min/max

Minimum weight : 45 Kg* 

Maximum weight: 130 Kg

Minimun height: 120 cm

Maximum height: 215 cm

Individual or tandem jump (2 people on the same cable)

Minimum wight: 100 Kg 

Maximum weight: 150 Kg

Security measures

Our zip line uses two 20mm drop cables.

In addition, it has a third central cable for bird beacons.

* The weight is between the 2 people who jump sitting on the same cable. In this modality, for example, children with a weight of approx. of 36 kg together with an adult, as long as they both meet the minimum weight of 100 kg).
* The minimum and maximum weights may vary for safety depending on the weather conditions, mainly due to the wind.

Precios y ofertas de la tirolina

Si deseas disfrutar de una experiencia más completa, te recomendamos 
Pack Robin Hood, que incluye la tirolina y tiro con arco, tiene un precio de 30 euros.
, que incluye la tirolina, disc golf y tiro con arco por solo 39 euros.
Pack Premium incluye la tirolina, disc golf, tiro con arco y una cámara GoPro para grabar tu aventura por solo 48 euros.

Estos packs te permiten disfrutar de varias actividades emocionantes y variadas en Sunview Park a un precio más bajo que si las compras por separado. ¡Ven a disfrutar de la diversión y la aventura en nuestro parque!

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