Horseback riding in Malaga

Another way to enjoy nature 

Those who like to do outdoor activities and sports are always looking for new activities to try. Horseback riding in Malaga is a good way to discover the nature of our surroundings in a different way.

In addition, riding a horse allows you to feel a much stronger connection with the nature of Malaga, while enjoying the landscapes in a different way. In fact, depending on the speed of your horse, you will be able to alternate exciting moments at a gallop and moments of serenity at a walk or trot.

If you want to go horseback riding in Malaga, you are lucky to be able to do it while enjoying all the nature that surrounds Sunview Park.

Our routes last between 45 and 50 minutes, and you will always have a little prior training in which we inform you of all the security measures.

​ The routes are carried out in groups, and you will always be accompanied by a specialized guide, whose job is to make you enjoy more of the experience of horseback riding in the vicinity of Malaga.

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Why come for a horseback ride on our routes in Malaga?

​ There are many reasons that we could present here to invite you to come and enjoy an authentic horseback ride, but we believe that we can summarize why more and more people from Malaga are in four main reasons. Read on and you will not want to miss this experience.

Discover horse riding

It's never too late to get a new passion

To ride a horse

An activity for the whole family

Physical benefits

Much more than fun

Psychological benefits

Much more than nature

Discover horse riding in Malaga 

Taking a horseback ride in Malaga is much more than that, it is also an opportunity to discover horse riding. In fact, you don't have to be an experienced rider to have a great time on a horseback ride.

We will explain everything you need to enjoy your horseback ride to the fullest, all our attractions are suitable for beginners.

If you have never ridden a horse, don't worry, all our rides are well supervised by an experienced monitor and equestrian tourism guide. Your guide knows perfectly the equestrian trails of Malaga and can therefore help you in case you have a problem with your horse.

In addition, these rides can allow you to learn to control your horse in the great outdoors and control your fears of riding.

​ The routes are made in groups. You can choose your tour according to the age or level of the participants, so that you feel as comfortable as possible.

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Horseback riding in Malaga: an activity for the whole family 

Taking a horseback ride with your children can be an original way of bringing them closer to the natural heritage of Malaga. It is also an opportunity to introduce them to an animal that the little ones usually like a lot. In fact, during family horseback riding, children are usually the ones who enjoy this type of outdoor activity the most.

Despite how accessible this practice is, it is usually advisable to get children used to horses before going for a walk or riding with the whole family. To do this, you can consider taking walks more regularly, so that they discover horsemanship and get used to the presence and character of horses.

​ Before going out for a horseback ride with your children, we will make sure that they have all the necessary equipment to guarantee their safety.

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The physical benefits of horseback riding in Malaga

Thanks to riding a horse, you will have a perfect balance both vertically and horizontally. In addition to achieving very good balance, you will also improve your riding posture if you practice horsemanship. In fact, in this sense, thanks to riding a horse you can control your posture and make it as straight as possible.  

On the health side, horseback riding improves blood circulation and encourages muscle toning. Going for a horseback ride in nature also improves muscle development and performance, which helps reduce muscle contraction.

Finally, horseback riding is an activity that allows you to reduce or even eliminate your stress. In fact, galloping on horseback through Malaga you can release all your endorphins and rejuvenate your body.

​ Information to take into account: horseback riding is also used for the rehabilitation of people with different physical and mental abilities. In fact, equine therapy is a highly recommended practice by the Hospital Regional Universitario de Málaga.

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The psychological benefits of riding a horse in Malaga

In addition to the physical benefits, you should also consider that riding a horse through Malaga lands can bring you various psychological benefits. The horse is an animal that highly values ​​human company and riding can help us gain confidence and be sure of ourselves.

In fact, one of the main contributions of this outdoor activity is to promote self-confidence, since it greatly improves balance, muscle development, and motor coordination. Horseback riding also improves our cognitive abilities, since the horse's movements can improve our learning ability and activate our sympathetic nervous system.

Horseback riding also allows you to improve your ability to concentrate, control your emotions and control your stress. All this while you contemplate beautiful landscapes of the nature of Malaga.

​ Horseback riding also favors coexistence, as it is an activity that is normally carried out in a group.

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