Disc Golf en Málaga

What is disc golf? 

An increasingly popular sport in Malaga and throughout Spain, Disc Golf is a practice that already has half a century of history and more than 8 million players around the world. Originally from Quebec, he leaves no player indifferent.

​ The principle of this outdoor activity is simple, since it is governed by rules quite similar to those of traditional Golf. Thus, the main objective is that you complete the number of baskets with your frisbee or disc in the least number of throws possible.

​ Also known as "frisbee golf", it is an easy-to-learn, economical sport with many benefits for our physical and mental well-being. All this without forgetting that Disc Golf, unlike traditional golf, is very respectful of the environment. Something we are especially proud of at the Sunview Park Frisbee facility.

​ For this reason, for all those who have already heard of Disc Golf in Malaga, and for those who still do not know anything about this exciting sport, Sunview Park puts at your disposal one of the best frisbee golf facilities in the entire national territory.

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Why come to play Disc Golf at our facilities in Malaga?

​ There are many reasons why more and more people decide to come and spend a great day at our incredible Frisbee Golf facilities. However, we can summarize some of the reasons why many people from Malaga choose us to come and play our frisbee.

Frisbee Golf in Malaga

Respect for the enviroment

Celebrate your events

Practice sport in Malaga

Team building Malaga

Make your company grow by playing

Familiar Disc Golf

Spend free time with your family

Frisbee Golf in Malaga: respect for the environment 

As you well know, traditional Golf is a noble sport practiced by millions of people. However, it is a sport that is harmful to the environment.

Just to mention some of the problems that Golf unleashes, we can say that it consumes territories, alters rural areas, destroys natural habitats, contaminates aquifers, and uses our water reserves in an unsustainable manner.

​ For this reason, unlike the traditional practice, our Disc Golf in Malaga preserves biodiversity and guarantees an eco-sustainable model of sports practice.

Respect for nature and our environment is one of the principles that govern the operation of our adventure park in Malaga. Well, as you may have seen on our website, we enjoy an unrepeatable landscape of the province of Malaga.

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Celebrate your events practicing sports in Malaga

More and more groups of friends decide to celebrate their birthdays, bachelor parties and events in general by doing some fun outdoor sports.

Why? Because we Malagans need innovation, break the routine and surprise our closest circle. Remember that even today many people are unaware of Frisbee Golf, and this is your chance to surprise them.

Test the dexterity and aim of your friends, check your level of concentration and try to get more points than all of them.

​ Also, rest assured that Disc Golf guarantees an unforgettable time. Each game is usually a game full of emotions and funny anecdotes that last forever. Do not miss it!

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Frisbee Golf: Team Building Málaga

​ Day after day we receive new requests from Malaga companies that want to come to Sunview Park. The objective is that, thanks to the practice of Frisbee Golf, its employees learn to unite, to collaborate and to turn the competition into something fun.

​ Our outdoor Disc Golf facilities are the perfect setting for a "team building Malaga" campaign, a unique experience for your employees to strengthen relationships and feel part of your company.

​ Do not forget that Team Building is the great novelty of the large and medium-sized companies in Malaga. Take your company to the next level with a game of frisbee, a unique sports experience that your employees will enjoy.

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Disc Golf: free time with the family 

​ If there is something that we all value, it is spending quality time with our loved ones. At Sunview Park we offer you the best Frisbee Golf facilities in Malaga, so you can come and enjoy with your whole family.

​ A father and son Saturday? A family Disc Golf tournament with the cousins? Test mom's aim and have a laugh? Meeting of brothers in nature? Come and enjoy the best outdoor sport, you will repeat.

​ Frisbee or Disc Golf has no minimum age, nor is it necessary to separate players by category, making Frisbee the perfect family activity.

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Discover our facilities

Located in a unique natural spae, our Disc Golf facilities will allow you to enjoy this fantastic sport in the open air. Escape the urban hustle and bustle and turn off your mobile. Enjoy nature and the fun of Frisbee Golf.

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Start platform 

​ In Disc Golf, each hole starts on a platform that has information about the difficulty and the number of shots you should be able to hit the basket.

Make your frisbee fly far and make a difference.

Arrival basket

How will you recognize the final basket? Easy.

​ The last basket of each round has chains that help the puck to stay inside.

Remember you have to dunk your puck into the basket!

Up to 18 baskets 

Unlike other Disc Golf facilities, at Sunview Park we have 18 baskets. This will allow you to enjoy your game without fear that it ends before it begins.

Come and enjoy a morning or an afternoon playing our exclusive 18 baskets.