Archery in Malaga

Archery in Malaga: a different outdoor sport 

Archery is more fashionable in Malaga than ever. And it is not surprising, this sports discipline in its own right, can also be practiced by everyone as a leisure activity or outdoor adventure

Archery needs no excuse. Whether it's because it's your birthday, or your best friend's farewell and you don't know what to do in Malaga, give yourself the opportunity to discover a sport that everyone who practices it is passionate about. Also, this may be your chance to show that no one beats this centuries-old tradition.

​ Also keep in mind that everything goes far beyond a simple game between soldiers, because archery is gaining momentum as an essential sport for your health. Come and discover archery at Sunview Park!

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What is archery and how does it work at Sunview Park?

Very often associated with the legend of Robin Hood and hunting, archery is slowly becoming a very popular sport in Malaga. Considered a sport of absolute precision and concentration, it is practiced by shooting arrows at the center of a target or target with a bow.

To achieve this goal, it is still more than necessary to master not only your bow, but also the aim and release technique. These are some excellent reasons to come to practice archery at our facilities in Malaga. It is an experience that you will not want to miss, especially if you have never practiced it before.

At Sunview Park we believe that archery should be a sport accessible to all, but with absolute respect for the rules of practice. For this reason, archery is practiced in our facilities from the age of 8. Perhaps nothing prevents you from doing archery in your garden or outdoors in the field, with your own rules, but for us safety is a priority, an inseparable part of our principles as an adventure park.

Access to our facilities allows you to enjoy a safe place to practice and enjoy. Therefore, whether with family or friends or perhaps to train for your future competitions, at our Malaga archery facilities, you will find the archery modality that best suits you.

Above all, do not forget to bring your ID or passport.

Archery in Malaga: physical exercise

Archery requires a lot of energy, since when drawing the string to maximum relaxation before shooting, you will have to put in a good effort. In addition, you will also have to walk a few times to the target to retrieve the arrows after each shot, certainly much better than lying on the sofa.

Therefore, if you are looking for a different physical activity in Malaga, consider archery. For example, when you are about to shoot the arrow, you will need to work your chest, various muscles in your arms and hands, as well as some important muscles in your upper back.

But it does not end there, if you decide to come to Sunview Park to practice archery, you should know that the need for support and stability to find the shooting position also makes you work the lower part of your body. A game of arrows means working your legs and your abdomen. Have fun in Malaga while you tone up.

In short, archery makes you mobilize practically your entire body. Thus, by dint of repeating the movements of loading and shooting with the bow, your muscles will strengthen. Like going to the gym in the capital of Malaga, but much more fun.

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person holding arrow

Archery in Malaga: concentration and mental relaxation

The movement you make during the loading process and the accuracy of the shot require excellent concentration. This is one of the reasons why archery is increasingly recommended for children and adults who have difficulty concentrating.

Our archery facilities in Malaga are unbeatable, since you will be surrounded by the calm of nature to carry out this practice and have maximum fun at the same time.

​ As you learn to handle the bow and the shooting technique, you will have to learn to concentrate. This concentration will take you to a state of mental relaxation and control of muscle tension that is very beneficial for your health and that of your loved ones.

Archery requires slow and fluid movements, which will lead to better self-control. Thanks to the concentration you need, this outdoor sport allows you to control stress much better, and give a different approach to your day to day.

​ If you are a lover of meditation or yoga, do not miss archery in Malaga; It will surprise you.

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Archery in Malaga: a family activity

Are you looking for a sporting activity to do with the whole family? Our adventure park in Malaga offers you the chance to play archery! This relaxing outdoor activity will please both children and adults, just remember that the minimum age for archery is 8 years.

Supervised by one of our instructors while you wait for the 4x4 at the arrival point, at Sunview Park you can learn the basic techniques of archery in an educational and fun way. Between laughter and initiation, in our park you can have fun and progress quickly with this leisure activity for the whole family.

In the middle of nature, in the open air, you can enjoy several fields to practice archery well in Malaga.

​ Aim well and try to hit the target during this outdoor family activity! Will parents be better than children? Place your bets.

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